Port forwarding

The most important and difficult moments during the delivery of goods by sea is a loading on a ship, unloading and drawing up all related documents. Sometimes it is necessary to collect several tens of certificates and permits. The number of papers depends on the route, choice of transport for loading, type of transported goods, licenses and other nuances. It is quite difficult to understand it for the person who has no relevant experience. The company “Global-Trans” offers a port forwarding: the solution of all formalities at the port, customs, and warehouses.

We provide:
  • • fast drawing up of all accompanying documents;
  • • assistance in drawing up the customs declarations and customs formalities;
  • • obtaining ocean and feeder bills of lading
  • • transport for transportation of cargoes at the territory of departure and destination ports;
  • • financial settlements with various terminals and shipping lines;
  • • booking a storage unit: normal and special conditions for the goods storage;
  • • qualitative, accurate and fast loading and unloading.
And it’s not the entire list of services, which can be useful for company or entrepreneur during the goods sea transportation.

Probably, you may need to effect a policy of insurance, to agree a loading plan with the shipowner or master, return empty containers.

Special attention is required to the loading conditions and goods conditions, because problems can arise unexpectedly for objective reasons. We carefully control the goods entrusted to us at all stages of movement and promptly report about state of goods, all transactions and potential difficulties.

Our freight forwarders have a huge experience in various ports, strong links with transport companies, customs services, and warehouses. Therefore, those problems that you can solve independently during some days we will solve during few hours.

As you can see, there are a lot of ins and outs. The company “Global-Trans” reliably to save the money, time and nerves, and most importantly provide accurate and timely delivery of your goods to the desired point without any delays and penalties.

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