Air transportation

Air transportation with a company “Global-Trans” is the success of your business all over the world!
Do you have perishable goods? Have you signed a contract on express delivery? Do you want to stay ahead of the competitors? Do you need to deliver the goods quickly and securely? Would you like not to worry about roads, traffic, delays at customs?
The company “Global-Trans” provides international air transportation of various types of freight. Customers entrust us transportation of goods, industrial equipment, fragile items and even substances marked as “dangerous”. We assume responsibility for your cargo at all stages and provide escorting.

Long experience of cooperation with airlines allows the developing an individual program for each client. It is enough just to place an order and specify your requirements.

The experts of “Global-Trans” company:
  • • will select the most suitable flights and the best rates, taking into account priority, type of cargo and place of destination;
  • • will ensure the quality of packaging and preparation of goods for flight;
  • • will monitor cargo disposition, proper marking;
  • • will help you to draw up all accompanying documents and customs declarations, advise you on all questions.

Of course, the value of air transportation is more expensive than road or sea transportation, but undoubted advantages make this service increasingly more popular.

In its turn, the company “Global-Trans” is concerned about saving your money, time and nerves maximally. Experience of our specialists, wide partnership network allows us to choose the most profitable and shortest routes for our clients.

In addition to the delivery of general cargos, we transport:
  • • documents;
  • • small packages;
  • • valuable cargo;
  • • bulk items;
  • • cargos marked as “hazardous”.
We follow all rules and regulations, know all the ins and outs of cargo transportation of various types, and provide a full range of logistic services.

The company “Global-Trans” appreciates your time and money and will do whatever is required to make your business prosperous! Our customers are always calm: they know that everything will be perfect!

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