Sea cargo transportation

Sea routes connect the most distant cities and countries in different continents, and provide the ability to quickly deliver the goods over long distances.

Advantages of marine transportation are:
  • • variety of possible routes;
  • • delivery of large quantities of goods at an affordable price;
  • • reliable transportation and high guarantee of cargo safety, including fragile items;
  • • easy loading and opportunities of combined shipments.

If you need to transport voluminous cargo in the United States or the countries of Southeast Asia, receive a large shipment of the goods, be sure to choose this mode of transportation.

"Global-Trans" company is engaged in sea cargo transportation for over 7 years. In the intervening years we have gained vast experience and reputation as an honest and reliable partner.

We provide delivery of raw materials, equipment and goods from abroad by sea transport with the exact observance of terms, which means that your business will be stable and prosperous.

We cooperate with both large companies and small firms and individuals. For each client we can find optimum terms, conditions and tariffs, because we are working with both the tramp and liner shipping.

Consequently, we are able to provide to the client's order the whole ship for loading large volumes of product and deliver it to the specified port.

We recommend to use liner shipping services for shipping of relatively small parties. The ship will go on schedule, and your goods fall into the correct port in the fixed time. This delivery method is very convenient, and its advantage is the relative cheapness compared to tramp carriage way. It is ideal for regular transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Marine transportation with the "Global-Trans" is the key to success and excellent relations with foreign partners. If you trust us your cargo, we take full responsibility for loading, quality of service, safety, its timely sending and receiving. If you wish, you can receive daily information on the cargo location.

We always consider the wishes of our clients and promptly respond to them in order to make our cooperation transparent, constructive and mutually beneficial.

Do not hesitate to ask our consultants all your questions and receive satisfactory answers.

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