Container Transportation

Container is the most convenient, practical and cheap tare suitable for long-distance transportation of almost all types of cargo. That is why exactly, international and transcontinental container transportations are so popular. And the price is favourable one.

Logistic company “Global-Trans” can chose optimal route, transport and container size for you. We will build entire process without any delay!

To deliver container to destination point, several types of transport are usually used: mostly marine transport, road and railway ones.

Our clients may chose size and configuration of container depending on delivery type. Moreover, you have a chance to order not whole container, but to book only the part of its volume for small batch of goods. It will sufficiently reduce transportation costs.

You have only to place an order – we will solve all other issues. Our specialists will study your requirements, wishes and specification of goods and will make everything, whatever is required:
  • • chose container and transportation type;
  • • develop the most short and safety route;
  • • organize delivery to the port;
  • • prepare necessary documents;
  • • conduct proper processing;
  • • provide loading and unloading of containers;
  • • provide full information about state and location of cargo.

If you don’t want to stay in long queues, if you want to avoid delays and misunderstanding at customs and warehouses during detention and sampling procedures, you can order a range of services from us.

At the request of clients, specialists of “Global-Trans” will provide warehouse logistics, insurance, comprehensive assistance in preparation of documents and customs procedures.

For the years of cooperation, our clients have been convinced that “Global-Trans” is reliable partner, who values its reputation and constantly improves service quality. We are interested in prosperity of your business, that is why we ensure timely and quality execution of any task.

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