Transportation of consolidated cargos

There is a consignment of goods and two and a half container for their transportation is required? And you don’t want to make a payment for third container? So do not it!
The company “Trans-Global” is ready to render you a service of “consolidated cargos transportation”.
This method was invented specially to save the money and time of logistic firms` clients as well as carriers. The essence of such transportation is that small goods` consignments from various clients are loaded into one container, truck or wagon.

Technical arrangement of such transportation is much more difficult, than routine delivery, but experienced pickers, the availability of technical resources, and most importantly – a well-equipped consolidated warehouse, allow our company providing an inexpensive consolidated transportations to the desired place. Time of dispatch will depend on picking speed of the consignment, route, means of transport and other factors. Our company has all required facilities for this type of transportation:

The company “Global-Trans” will provide:
  • • delivery of your cargo to a consolidated warehouse;
  • • required supplementary processing of goods, package or placing in special packing;
  • • fast and error-free formation of the consignment based on features of all components, goods labeling;
  • • drawing up of the documents and, if necessary, customs clearance;
  • • dispatch by road, rail, sea and air transport;
  • • customs clearance of goods consignments and drawing up of required papers for delivery of goods to the place of destination and its further use.
Consolidated cargos transportation with our company will significantly save not only the money, but time, because we undertake drawing up the documents, placing in the warehouse and in the vehicle, escorting and unloading upon arrival.

Moreover, our consolidated warehouse provides the clients with an opportunity to send immediately all required goods consignment, and do not split it into parts, corresponding to one or another transport’s type parameters.

Over the years of work we have established a clear sequence of actions, which is put to the test and allows you to deliver your goods safe and sound to the right place and time.

Most often the transportation of such type has two directions – countries of EU and China. We have developed for them special routs, which will suit you in all aspects and provide timeliness of delivery, safety of goods and minimum cost of transportation.

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