Rail transportation

Delivery of goods by rail is one of the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way of transportation, given the vast expanses of Russia. We recommend you choose it if:
  • • you need to deliver a large consignment of goods;
  • • cargo is oversized;
  • • transportation distance exceeds 2 000 km;
  • • it's necessary to reduce transport costs to a minimum.

"Global-Trans" company has extensive experience in delivery of various cargoes. We have rolling stock and technical equipment for loading and safe transportation, both standard and oversized, bulk cargo and vehicles, including both passenger cars and heavy equipment.

Of course, this requires different types of rail cars. In our disposal there are:
  • - containers of various sizes and modifications;
  • - open goods wagons;
  • - covered wagons;
  • - fitting platforms, including adapted ones for transportation of various vehicles;
  • - dump cars for bulk products.

In specified day at the right time we will provide freight train to the departure station. Our experts will complete the cargo, taking into account specific features and sizes, ensure the quality of loading operations. We pay particular attention to loading. After all, safety of your goods or property largely depends on it. Due to the vast experience and broad technical capabilities, we ensure the security of cargo entrusted to us. Do you want to trace the course of the carriage and check the status of your container or platform at all stages? No problems! We will provide you with the most complete and detailed information. In fact, besides sending wagons, our services cover cargo escorting. The movement and the state of each object is tracked on a daily basis, data on them can be provided to you at any time.

We consider as much as possible all the demands and wishes of each client. Especially for you we will work out the best, the shortest and the most cost-effective route, provide container or carriage booking, handling operations, will prepare the necessary supporting documents.

If you intend to insure the cargo or need assistance during customs clearance, our specialists will quickly solve all the problems.

Global Trans – it's speed and reliability at an affordable price!

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